Why are Mexicans upset?

Whole lotta insults from Mexicans. About this wall. The one that three of our candidates want to build on our Mexican border. Their insults raise a question that is fat as a piŮata.

Why? Why do these Mexican politicians protest?

The Presidente of Mexico decries the wall. The ex-presidente blasts away at Trump for proposing it. He calls Trump lots of nasty names. In Spanish and English.

Why? If Canadians built a wall between Ontario and the U.S. would we protest and call them names? I think we would shrug. And laugh at them for blowing so much money.

So why do these guys protest? Do they want Mexicans and others to stroll into the U.S. without any documentation? Is this what they want?

It would seem so. So if that is what they want, it is worth stopping here. To think about this. Mexico does not allow people to stroll across its border without documents. If Mexicans catch you they punish you big time. They retaliate against illegals in their country. So do they think itís wrong of us to do the same? I guess they do.

What is good for the Mexican goose is not good for the Yanqui gander? And this is not just a cute phrase. These guys are the voice of the Mexican government. So the Mexican government wants folks to just come and go across another countryís border? Would they think itís okay for ships to haul Mexicans to Canada? To sneak them ashore in rowboats in the night? Why not? If Canada stopped the ships would the Mexicans squeal about the unfairness? Would they send the ships on to Japan? And complain when the Japanese headed them off?

Why would any country want its people to enter another country illegally?

Ex-Presidente Fox says walls donít work. Tell that to Israel. Besides, if it wonít work, why fling insults? Why not sit back and laugh. ďSo what? The stupid gringos waste their money on a wall that wonít work. Hah! Psst: Who will labor on such a wall? A lot of Mexicans. They will send many millions home. So build the stupid wall!Ē

Now these leaders are not stupid. They know absolutely some terrorists have already come to the U.S. via Mexico. Across the border that is no longer a border. They know this. So, this is okay with them? They donít mind?

And these leaders know tons of drugs flow across the border that does not exist. Good chance they and their friends get payoffs. The drug guys have as much power as the politicians. So, the leaders donít care?

A wall would make trafficking more difficult for drug lords. It would make entry more difficult for terrorists. So, whatís not to like about that? Do these politicians care about these threats? Why do they think it is wrong for us to try to stop them?

My bet is that these guys own rancheros. And properties with yards as big as Yanqui Statium. Land is a status symbol for important people in Mexico. Certainly their friends own rancheros. So, any fences or walls on these properties? I bet there are. Along with guard dogs and guard hombres.

Why do they have such? To keep Mexicans from wandering across their property. So, they think it is only right to keep Mexicans off a ranchero owned by a Mexican. But they think it is only wrong to keep them off a ranch owned by an Arizonan?

Well, the Mexicans on el Presidenteís ranch might be carrying weapons. They could be dangerous. Right. And they donít think there are a few weapons among thousands of people streaming over the Arizonansí land?

Why do the top dogs of Mexico want to stop the wall? If we knew the truthful answer to that question we would not like it. In fact, it might make us sick.

From Tom...as in Morgan.

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