DVD Patrol: Deadpool, Extraction

By: Todd Campbell

You have to shake things up once in a while, Patrollers! The DVD Patrol is doing something a little different this week. We're going to have shows from different networks like Netflix with one of our favorite shows coming back and as we've been promising an all new Toddster's Take with the new film "Deadpool" starring Ryan Reynolds. The Toddster also included a couple of new movies too.

New on DVD

Secret in Their Eyes- What would you do if you lost a loved one and you had the chance to avenge that special someone? Jess (Julia Roberts) was a top notch FBI Investigator who always got the job done and got her man. Her World was shattered when her Daughter was found killed in a dumpster. Her Partner Ray (Chiwetel Ejiofor) was a close friend and worked with Jess on all her cases. He was heartbroken when he had to tell her about her little girl. Ray knows how far Jess will go to solve a case but now it's personal. When the killer is found but walks free on a technicality, Jess will go as far as she has to to make sure that person doesn't kill again. Ray knows he may have to stop her. What will finally happen when the killer is found again? Some fun DVDS the Toddster can recommend are "Hook,""Conspiracy Theory," and "Pretty Woman" in stores now.

Extraction- It's no secret that once in a while, family members can go in the same business. Leonard Turner (Bruce Willis) has been an agent working for the CIA for a long time. After a mission goes wrong, he's caught by a terrorist organization that has obtained missile codes aimed at targets inside the United States. Leonard's son Harry (Kellan Lutz) has found out abut his Dad but learns that the CIA will not do anything to help save him. Harry has to launch a rescue operation with the help of Victoria (Gina Carano). Can they save Leonard and stop the terrorists before they set off the missiles? Carano can be seen working with Ryan Reynolds in "Deadpool" which can currently be seen in theaters now.

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Coming Soon

Daredevil (Season 2)- (Netflix)- No one said that being a hero would be easy. Just ask Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox). Matt became an Attorney to fight for those who couldn't fight for themselves. He's not without his own problems. Matt is blind but what no one knows is that he's also the Man Without Fear Daredevil. With his superhuman senses and fighting abilities, Matt goes after those who seem to be above the law. He was finally able to take down the Kingpin of Crime (Vincent Dionfroio) and send him to jail. In Season 2, Matt starts to doubt himself. He'll have to table that when a new killer known as the Punisher (Jon Bernthal) appears to start killing criminals but not without innocents getting hurt in the process. These two will clash but an old love from Matt's past comes into the picture named Elektra (Elodie Yung). Can Matt deal with everything being pitched at him? Season 2 begin on Netflix March 18 with Season 1 now available too.

Now in Theaters

Deadpool- You can be a hero even when you think you're not. Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) was in the military but got out and became a mercenary. His life changed when he met Vanessa (Morena Baccarin). Wade and Vanessa were starting to plan a future together and then he learned he had Terminal Cancer. Not exactly something he wanted to hear. Wade receives an offer that will cure his cancer and give him Superhuman powers. He leaves Vanessa. Wade soon learns that you might want to read the fine print before you say yes. Volunteering for the process gives Wade what he wants but the scientist who goes by "Ajax" (Ed Skrein) is just using him for a test subject. Ajax leaves Wade for dead and the process that gives him what he wants leaves him deformed. Wade adopts the guise "Deadpool" and starts to go after all of Ajax's known associates to find him. Ajax goes after Vanessa and Wade learns that he has to take him down fast. Is Deadpool up to the job?

The Toddster's Take- This movie wasn't what I expected. Being an old comic book guy, I always try to stay on top of things but this really wasn't a character I was really familiar with. That being said, you don't have to be. Reynolds brings his deadpan humor to this and also talks to the audience every so often in character. I enjoyed the movie and it has a lot of action too. Not for the kids so be careful. Can't wait for the DVD.

Another one in the can as they say. We're planning a TV one not too far off to see how some shows we picked at the beginning of the season have been doing. Check us out right here next week.


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