DVD Patrol: Bridge Of Spies, The Last Witch Hunter
Published: February 8th, 2016
By: Todd Campbell

By Todd Campbell


Keep on Moving Ahead, Patrollers! The Toddster has been on the move planning for movies in the theater and all the DVDS that keep us watching at home. We dodged that big blizzard recently but it's always wise to stay ahead of the storm so to speak. This week we have all new DVDS. Hope you liked our first picks for 2016 but there's more news on that front too. Look at these picks!

New on DVD

Bridge of Spies- You have to prove to everyone that doing the right thing is not always the easiest way to go. Steven Speilberg is here with a new cold war thriller that re-teams him with Tom Hanks. Hanks plays James Donovan who was a successful insurance attorney until he's recruited to defend a Soviet pilot caught by the United States. Donavan has to find a way to clear him so they can use him to get a United States pilot back who had crashed in Russia. This puts not only Donovan in the cross hairs of those who would want to fail. This happens during a time that the U.S was scared of what could happen if we went to War with Russia. His family is put in danger as well. Will Donovan be successful in getting the job done? Hanks has just completed a movie with Clint Eastwood titled "Sully" who successfully landed a plane full of passengers on the Hudson River. This one is set for release September 9, 2016.

Our Brand is Crisis- Politics is a tricky business but if you have the right touch, you can prove that the candidate you're with is the right one. Jane (Sandra Bullock) was one of the best political consultants around. There was nothing she couldn't do to help someone win to get into office. After one of her clients loses their campaign, she decided to get out for good. Now a candidate in South America who needs help to win a seat for office needs someone who can win. Jane is approached but doesn't want the job. She makes a decision to get back into the game. It might not be so easy when an old rival of hers has someone running against her client. Can she get her confidence back and beat her old rival? Check out Bullock's voice chops when she decided to do a movie for her kids in "Minions" which is now available on DVD in stores now.

Also on DVD

The Last Witch Hunter- Once in a while, time can play tricks on you. If you have enough to play with, though, it's no problem. Kaulder (Vin Diesel) was one of the last of an ancient clan who was hunting down one of the last witches who had cursed them with plague and sickness. When Kaulder and his clansmen were close to riding the World of the Witch, the Witch was caught them all in a trap. Kaulder was the only one who survived but not without being cursed with Immortality. He was able to start an organization who safeguarded the World against the forces of evil now in modern day, Kaulder still uses his skills to stop evil. The Witch who cursed him is coming back and there are also people inside Kaulder's organization who're plotting against him. Can he find out who they are before it's too late to stop them? Diesel has a few projects in the works including Fast and Furious 8 already in development and he's getting ready to start filming a new XXX sequel set for release next year.

Batman:Bad Blood- When you're a hero, it's always expected for you to be around all the time. There are times you may have to depend on those you trust for help or even new allies. Batman has been on the case and meets up with the new and mysterious Batwoman until an accident seem as though he's been killed. Batman's faithful butler, Alfred, learns that he's gone and calls on Nightwing to step in to pose as the Dark Knight until they can find out where Batman really is. Nightwing steps in to play the part but Robin arrives to help him pull off the illusion that Batman is still around. With the arrival of "Batwing" and a group of new baddies on the scene, can Nightwing and the group pull off stopping them and find the Real Batman in time? Batman returns with the Justice League but they'll need help from the Teen Titans when an new alien threat comes on the scene to try and take over the World. This comes to DVD shelves in April.

Go and check out the latest movies with the Colonia Theatre at www.coloniatheatre.com or call them at 334-2135. We hope you liked last week's special and Part 2 of our picks for 2016 is coming up too. The Toddster is coming back next time.


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