Oxford Grabs Second Win On The Trot
Published: January 13th, 2016
By: Kieran Coffey

HARPURSVILLE – The Oxford Blackhawks men’s varsity basketball team kept up their winning ways with a comprehensive 63-40 victory over Harpursville on Tuesday night.

The Blackhawks looked assured throughout the entire game. Led once again by Kevin Davis, who had a game-high 25 points, Oxford played exceptionally well offensively, taking advantage of all of their opportunities.

The Blackhawks offense scored 14 in the first quarter, before exploding in the second, scoring 21 points. They led at the half-time break by 16 points, on a score line of 35-19.

Oxford never let up on the offensive end following the break. They scored 28 more points in the second half to win comfortably by 23.

Harpursville struggled at the charity stripe the entirety of the game, shooting just 51 percent on 14 for 27.

Other than Davis, Trent Lyons was the second highest scorer on the night for the Blackhawks, netting 13 points. Senior Center Payton Dean led the Hornets in scoring, with 22 points in the loss.


The Evening Sun

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