Two Section Four Teams Square Off
Published: January 8th, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

Two section four teams square off

GREENE ­– The Trojan Wrestling team hosted a fellow MAC Division 1 team, as they faced BGAH, losing 46 to 16.

This classic section 4 matchup from years past, saw a depleted Greene roster attempt to win individual matchups, as a team win was never feasible. Greene would go on to win three of the actual five matches on the night, while giving up six forfeits to BGAH.

“It’s tough and it’s kind of sad, when the side bleacher aren’t out its like holy mackerel,” said BGAH Head Coach Brandon MacNaught.

The Head Coach of the Trojans, Jason Goldman, stayed optimistic on the individual efforts of his wrestlers, despite the loss as a team at home saying, “our guys wrestled well individually. We’re doing the best with what we’ve got team-wise.

The night was highlighted with the middleweights starting at 126-weight class where The Trojan’s Harrison Stone secured a 9-4 win over The Bear’s Damien Knapp.

The night saw matches at the following weight classes: 126, 132, 138, 145, and 152. Goldman noted two matches at 132 and 152 that held special weight to them.


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