Man Who Stole AK-47 Kicked Out Of Treatment Court, Remanded Without Bail; Others Arraigned
Published: January 8th, 2016
By: Cameron Turner

NORWICH – Four individuals appeared Monday morning, Jan. 4, in the Chenango County courthouse.

Chenango County Judge Frank B. Revoir Jr. presided over each case while District Attorney Joseph A. McBride was present on behalf of the people.

•Shawn Burke, 19, of Norwich was in court, originally without council.

Burke had previously been convicted of criminal possession of a firearm in the fifth degree and subsequently placed on probation, and ordered to participate in treatment court.

Per a report from the Chenango County Probation Department, Revoir read that “allegations claim he had gone completely AWOL, had not seen or heard from him in treatment court, and had failed to show up for community service.”

Due to these allegations, a warrant was issued, and Burke was located and picked up on Dec. 1, 2015.

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Revoir asked if Burke was currently working, to which Burke confirmed he was not employed.

Jim Everard, the drug treatment court coordinator, was also present in court and affirmed that Burke had been terminated from treatment court.

Revoir then directed the probation department to file an updated violation report for the matter.

“Stealing or possessing an AK-47, I ask that he be remanded without bail,” added McBride.

Burke was remanded to the Chenango County Correctional Facility where he will await any further court dates.

• Tiger D. Gould, 19, of Afton was in court for arraignment purposes with his attorney, Scott Clippinger.


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