No representation in climate deal

There is something disturbing about the big climate agreement recently created in Paris.

It is not the provisions of the agreement. They are not binding. And they are filled with fluff.

It is not all the warnings that accompanied the agreement. The dire predictions. A lot of the “science” on which they are based is soggy. Which is why such predictions over the last few decades were garbage. Al Gore made millions on his predictions. Today they read like a comic book.

The earth is not warming. According to satellite readings it is not. Some scientists still claim we are heating up. But at a snail’s pace.

Even the commitments made by countries does not disturb me. Because they mean little or nothing. China and India don’t have to change what they are doing. And what they are doing is burning more coal and oil every year.

What disturbs me about the agreement is the crafting of it. It was carefully crafted to avoid our Congress. To avoid having to go before Congress.

John Kerry boasted about this. He is proud of this tactic. Clearly he was under instructions to make sure the agreement was written this way.

Now a wag might suggest Congress ought to be avoided. Because it stinks with corruption. But that is not why these birds wrote the agreement the way they did.

They crafted the agreement the way they did for a simple reason. They did not want Congress to pass judgment on it. They did not want members to debate and discuss the agreement.

Think about this. Kerry and crew – and the President – tell us this is the mightiest document ever signed. (Which is a crock.) They tell us it will change the way everybody on the planet lives. It will snuff out thousands of jobs. It will grab trillions of dollars from taxpayers. Blah, blah, blah.

This is sooooo important, they assure us. So important that they don’t want our representatives to have anything to do with it. This is representative government?

This agreement is supposed to upend our lives and the lives of our kids and grandkids. Yet the guys we elect to represent us don’t get to debate it? Or vote on it?

This is the essence of elitist thinking. Rammed up our noses. This is how dictators operate. The slogan for this conference ought to be “Where the hell do you get off?”

The message from these leaders is “We know what’s good for you. Case closed. Shut your mouth.”

Kings operated this way. Which is why people revolted. It is why people insisted on parliaments and congresses. So that guys who represented the people would have a hand in decisions that impacted the people. They figured those elitist kings were not all wise.

I guess the President and John Kerry never got the message. They not only brought home an agreement our representatives would not touch. They intentionally crafted it to avoid our representatives. And they boasted about this.

You can understand why our founders provided reins on the power of our leaders. They knew that many leaders have egos that tell them they know what’s best for everybody else.

The President liked those fake columns he had constructed for one of his speeches. This time maybe he should have this agreement etched in stone tablets. He could dress in a toga and descend from Mt. McKinley, stones in his arms.

Maybe when he leaves the White House he should arrange his ascension into some clouds.

From in Morgan.

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