Standings Get Even Closer In Area Bowling League
Published: December 18th, 2015
By: Jim Testani

NORWICH - The Tuesday Afternoon Mixed Bowling League is heating up as the standings grow even tighter. The team Crazy Four is in the lead with 57 total points, just one ahead of the next best team.

In second place is Murphy’s Law with 56 points, in third Guys and Dolls and Alley Oops are tied with 55, and in fourth Giddy Up & Go has 54 points. Six teams are separated by six or less points, making for a very tight race for first.

For the men, Harry Kott bowled the high 600 game with a 622 and Larry Mudge took the 200 game with a 246. It was Shirley Cummings who took both the high 500 and 200 games for the ladies. Cummings bowled a 504 and a 205 for the top spots.

Team Standings:

Team Name Points

Crazy Four 57

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Murphy’s Law 56


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