DWI, Sex Offender, And Drug Related Cases Heard In Chenango County Court
Published: November 13th, 2015
By: Cameron Turner

DWI, sex offender, and drug related cases heard in Chenango County Court

NORWICH – Three cases were heard throughout the day this past Monday, Nov. 9, in Chenango County Court.

Judge Frank B. Revoir Jr. was the Chenango County Court Judge presiding over each of the cases.

District Attorney Joseph A. McBride was present on behalf of the people.

• Jeremy Wakefield of Oxford appeared in Chenango County Court to answer to his two charges.

Wakefield was charged with aggravated driving while intoxicated, a class D felony; and aggravated driving while intoxicated, a class E felony.

Prior to this court date, Wakefield appeared in court without representation, as he allegedly was denied a public defender but lacked the funds to retain an attorney.

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Wakefield was in County Court on Monday with Alyssa Congdon, who was standing in for another attorney from her firm who would be representing Wakefield.

Congdon waived the reading of the charges at this time and entered not guilty pleas to all the charges.

Revoir then indicated that he had previously represented Wakefield on a matter, prior to being the Chenango County Court Judge, and that if Wakefield wished, he would remove himself from the matter.

Wakefield and his attorney indicated that they had no problem with Revoir continuing to preside over the matter.

McBride then filed his affidavit of service and stated, “this is a felony DWI, at the time of the arrest I believe he threatened to kill the police officers while on the phone. I believe this case started out as a domestic violence dispute.”


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