Pumpkin Fest Promises To Boost Foot Traffic For Downtown Retailers
Published: October 23rd, 2015
By: Matthew White

Pumpkin Fest promises to boost foot traffic for downtown retailers

NORWICH – When most people think of the events, concerts, festivals – or even farmers markets – that regularly take place in the beautiful downtown parks of Norwich, it can be easy to overlook the impact on the local economy.

Sure, the event is a home run with vendors and nonprofits who setup during the event to take advantage of festival goers, but hometown brick and mortar establishments also vie to cash in on the bevy of pumpkin admirers.

Business owners along the downtown strip recognize the potential for increased sales, some even participating to help promote said events.

“Well, first off – it's always a nice to see the downtown parks filled with people focusing on what's truly important, family and friends,” said John Stewart who's watched the Pumpkin Fest slowly evolve into its current success from Garf's Deli, his long-time staple eatery.

“There's no question that we see a direct benefit, come in during any of the festivals and the shop is buzzing; the way a hometown business should be,” said Stewart.


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