DVD Patrol: Chappie, Run All Night, Jurassic World

By: Todd Campbell

DVD Patrol: Chappie, Run all Night, Jurassic World

We're Roaming Around, Patrollers! The Toddster managed to see some new Dinosaurs in the new film "Jurassic World" starring Chris Pratt this time and it was interesting enough but more on that later. We've also included a new Hugh Jackman movie too. Check the patrol out if you have something you might like.

New on DVD

Chappie- Developing a device that you want to help people might actually turn out better than you hoped. After a police droid is stolen, computer programmer Deon Wilson (Dev Patel) works on it. His programming takes on a life of its' own and is named "Chappie." Vincent Moore (Hugh Jackman) is a rival programmer and becomes aware of the new droid. He feels that a robot that can think for itself and is too dangerous to roam around free. So he's sent with new tech to stop Chappie. Is Moore going to do it or will Chappie find a way to keep going? Jackman can next be seen in the Peter Pan prequel "Pan" coming into theaters in October.

Run All Night- When someone messes with your family, that person won't really be all that accepting. Jimmy Conlon (Liam Neeson) and Shawn Mcguire (Ed Harris) grew up together and were best friends. Everything is about to change when Jimmy's son Mike (Joel Kinnaman) kills Shawn's son. Jimmy hasn't exactly been the World's best Father but he wants to do whatever he can to save Mike. Shawn wants to avenge his son's death. Now Jimmy will do whatever he has to so he can save Mike. Can Jimmy do it? Neeson can be seen all over the place including making an appearance in "Entourage" now in theaters with "Ted 2" coming out next Friday.

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Also on DVD

The Lazurus Effect- Going somewhere you've never been might not be such a good place to go to. Medical students will do whatever they can to research in their area of expertise. Frank (Mark Duplass) and Zoe (Olivia Wilde) with some friends decide they want to see if it's possible to bring the dead back to life. They know they're getting into unknown territory but they feel they have to try. Zoe decides to volunteer and they manage to bring her back. After they do strange events begin to occur with Zoe acting strangely. Is Frank and his friends going to be able to figure out what's wrong with her? The Toddster recommends another movie along the same lines starring Julia Roberts and Kiefer Sutherland called "Flatliners" now available on DVD.


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