McLaughlin’s Department Store Celebrates 40 Years

By: Jim Testani

McLaughlin’s Department Store celebrates 40 years

NORWICH – It’s been 40 years since McLaughlin’s Department Store first opened its doors in the City of Norwich. Opening in 1975, the store has been a staple of Norwich’s busy downtown area.

This year the owners of McLaughlin’s are doing something special to commemorate this milestone. The owners, husband and wife Scott and Anna McLaughlin along with Scott’s brother Mark McLaughlin, said that they wanted to do something fun for the community and give back as a thanks for the 40 wonderful years that they have had in Norwich. This year they are throwing a Block Party on Saturday June 13. The party will take place behind the store kicking off at 10 a.m.

McLaughlin’s Norwich store was opened in November of 1975 by Mark and Scott’s father, Spencer McLaughlin. Spencer had previously been working with his father at their location in Waterville, NY, which actually opened in 1955. Spencer bought the store at its current location from the Montgomery-Ward Dept Store.

“As the story goes,” said Spencer’s son Scott, “Nina’s was also opening at the same time as our store and decided to pass on our location and opted for their spot across the street.” This small change of plans left the storefront open for Spencer to buy and created 40 year long neighbors of the two local businesses.

With food and music almost all day long the afternoon promises to be fun for all. McLaughlin’s has invited local food vendors along with other members of the Norwich Merchant’s Association to set up and sell their goods throughout the day.


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