Dear Sir Or Madam
Published: May 27th, 2015
By: Jim Mullen

I just spent two hours writing a letter on my computer that would have taken me a minute and a half on a typewriter. It took another hour to print the envelope.

If I was printing a thousand copies of the letter, and a thousand envelopes, that might have made sense. That's something computers do very well. But to write one unique letter to one person, it was a supreme waste of time -- time I could have wasted surfing the Internet.

But nooooooo, I was stuck learning how to turn off the default paragraph spacing that was causing odd little breaks all over the place. I've seen scam letters from Nigeria that had better formatting than I was getting. No, I don't need bullets, justification, kerning and a thousand other formatting tools, I just want to

make lines that



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instead of



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