Sex Offender Series Part Five: Probation
Published: May 27th, 2015
By: Brittany Grove

CHENANGO COUNTY – County probation officer, C.J. Hose, who works with sex offenders, discussed the details of sex offender probation.

According to Hose, it is rare for sex offenders who have committed forcible rape or who have committed a sex offense against an adult to be on probation. He said those types of offenders typically are sentenced to prison. “Most of the offenders I work with have offended against children,” said Hose.

Hose admitted this was most likely due to the prosecution issues with child sex offense cases, like protecting the child from having to testify as a witness and be further traumatized.

“Everyone tries to look out for the victim, especially children. No one wants them to have to relive everything on the stand. Sitting on the witness stand can be very stressful,” he said.

“Sex offender probation is more stringent,” said Hose. “Most other crimes require five years of probation for felonies and three years for misdemeanors. Sex offenders are typically required to 10 years instead of five for a felony conviction, or six years instead of three for a misdemeanor conviction.”

“The scrutiny sex offenders undergo is strenuous. Each sex offender has different terms and conditions tailored to the individual by the judge, which includes restrictions on the types of places they can work, regular monitoring of their electronic devices and where they can live,” he added.


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