Oxford Youth Rewarded For Responsibility
Published: May 26th, 2015
By: Matthew White

Oxford youth rewarded for responsibility

OXFORD – An Oxford youth may have single-handily restored some faith in humanity last week after an automobile accident took the life of his beloved feline.

While Devin Meek and his family rushed their Siamese to the vet in every effort to save the family pet, the four-legged family member would succumb to injuries sustained from the accident.

Soon thereafter, the Meek family visited the CSPCA in Norwich to search for a new addition to fill the void, and Devin would set his sights on an orange and white cat known as “Pretty Boy,” who had been at the shelter for quite some time.

But sheltering an animal is expensive. Pretty Boy had been neutered, had received veterinarian care and all of his shots during his stay at the CSPCA, and that cost has to be absorbed into an adoption fee of $100 – no spare change.

“I could tell that Devin had really connected with this cat,” said Devin’s mother, Rebecca Meek. “But still, $100 is $100.”

A day later, young Meek approached his mother and asked if she would list his prized Xbox 360 gaming console in an online yard sale posting on Facebook, the asking price: $100.

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“I told him that Xbox was well worth more than just $100, be he insisted that it was all that he wanted; just enough to bring Pretty Boy home,” said Meek.


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