Quality Family Time In The Field
Published: May 21st, 2015
By: Josh Sheldon

The reasons we hunt can be as different as the people that do so. Although there are different reasons for hunting, at the end of the day it's all about one thing.

I have been blessed to have the Meek family as friends. Jared Meek and I hunt and fish together all the time, but this year things have changed a bit. While our past outings were mostly all boys, this year Stephanie Meek, Jared’s wife, decided to join us in the field. She got into fishing with us a couple years back, and has caught the bug bad. It’s a good thing for Jared. He now has her asking to go on outings, rather than having to ask to go himself. We have had many great fishing trips, and now it’s on to a new chapter.

I have talked in the past about today's women becoming involved in the outdoors more than any time in previous history. I mentioned that the influx of women in the field was likely due to a more accepting male society that now can see women as being equal or even better at sports such as hunting and fishing. The fact is most women I have met can outshoot many of our braggart hunting buddies. This is without years of practice and field experience. They just tend to shoot better!


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