You Should Have Brought Backup
Published: May 15th, 2015
By: Josh Sheldon

I've had some pretty crazy things happen to me while turkey hunting, but what happened last week takes the prize. It left me asking, “Why do we turkey hunters have such masochistic tendencies?”

Last week’s column was a brief overview on how to hunt turkey with a bow, along with some mishaps and the story of shooting my first bird with one. I mentioned that this week’s column would be about a turkey hunt that went wrong, but I'm also going to explain all that went right with the hunt, and what you can learn from it. I hope you enjoy my shortcomings as much as I do!

Having harvested a bird with a neck shot while hunting out of a pop up blind, I decided to hunt this year with no ground blind, and that I would only use conventional broad heads. This seems to be pushing the limits of what one can do with a bow, but I'm the type that enjoys completing a nearly impossible task. Harvesting a turkey was hard enough using a broad head with a four-inch cutting diameter out of a pop-up. You may ask yourself why would someone attempt a nearly unobtainable prize? The only answers I could come up with were, because they have a few screws loose, they have become bored with the relative ease of a gun hunt or they like to push the limits of their ability.


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