Seward Backs New Education Reform Bill
Published: May 11th, 2015
By: Shawn Magrath

ONEONTA – Republican State Senator James Seward (R-51st District) is on board with a bill seeking major changes in New York State education policy.

Citing massive pushback against state standardized testing and teacher performance reviews, Seward announced Friday that he is co-sponsoring legislation that relates to performance reviews of classroom teachers and building principals and the comprehensive review of education standards administered by the state department of education.

“After rejecting many of the governor’s education proposals, I secured modifications in the state budget that will reduce standardized testing and test preparation, and require education professionals to revise the teacher evaluations system,” said Seward. “Changing the governor’s bad proposal was just the first step. I know more reforms are needed to make certain our children are truly receiving a quality education and teacher evaluations are fair. This legislation will help reach that goal.”

The bill encompasses several reforms including:

• Extension of the comment period on state education department (NYSED) regulations so that more teachers and school boards can participate


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