Guilford Historical Society Presents “Early Music In Guilford”

By: Michael Collins

GUILFORD – The Guilford Historical Society (GHS) invites the public to attend its April 6 meeting on the “Early Music in Guilford.”

The meeting will take place at the Guilford Town Hall, located in Guilford Center. The presentation will take attendees on a historical tour down Audio Lane. “Audio is a very new medium for preserving and recording history, but it is perhaps the most exciting and immediate,” read a release from the society.

The presentation will be delivered in two main parts. The first part will be a brief history of recorded sound technology and its various audio formats. Technological advances include acoustical and electrical recording, early stereo, magnetic tape, overdubbing, and digital recording. Audio formats for sound reproduction include everything from cylinder records to the MP3 audio computer file. Audio samples will be used to demonstrate this 155 year audio time line.


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