Jewish Community Prepares For Passover Celebration

By: Michael Collins

NORWICH – Tonight, Friday, April 3, at sundown, marks the beginning of the eight day Jewish celebration of Passover.

The Jewish community celebrates Passover as a remembrance of their release from slavery in Egypt and their freedom as a people under the leadership of Moses. Traditionally, Jewish families gather on the first night of Passover for a special dinner called a Seder. The Seder represents the Jewish exodus out of Egypt.

In addition to a kosher menu, the Seder is also celebrated by the eating of Matzah bread, or unleavened bread (made without yeast). It is a Jewish tradition to not eat anything containing yeast during the eight days of Passover.

While Seder is usually celebrated with stories, songs, and the meal in the home with friends and family, the Jewish Center in Norwich is hosting a community Seder on Saturday night. They are expecting approximately 40 guests. Among these guests is a class from the Methodist Church coming to learn about the Jewish celebration of Passover.


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