‘Santa’s Secret Shoppe’ Announces Door Prize Winners

By: Michael Collins

‘Santa’s Secret Shoppe’ announces door prize winners

OXFORD – The twenty-first annual “Santa’s Secret Shoppe,” held on Saturday, Dec. 6, in the United Church of Oxford (UCO) was a resounding success.

This event was coordinated by the Brisben Doers, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, the Methodist Church, and the United Church of Oxford. Together they organized a child’s shopping room, an adult’s shopping room, a refreshments room, and a bake sale room. In addition, they had two door prizes for children and one for adults. Over 100 young shoppers, parents, and other adults, visited “Santa's Secret Shoppe” to do their holiday gift buying at low prices, befitting a child's wallet. 

Having given their shopping lists much thought in the time leading up to the event, students came out en masse to do their holiday shopping. And since the students had predetermined amounts to spend on gifts, their thoughtful frugality became very clear.

As the children entered “Santa's Secret Shoppe” were greeted by “Elf” Pyper Kneale who gifted them with a candy cane and coloring booklet. Other “Elves” – Lauralyn Moore, Andrea Dempsey, and more – assisted in wrapping each student's gift choices. “As the children left, many had bags dragging from purchases,” said Jeanie Peterson in a press release.

They then, along with their adult companions, made their way to the adult shopping room and eventually arriving in the bake shop room for more holiday shopping. It was here where customers were able to relax and enjoy some cookies and drinks to replenish the energy that had been spent while shopping.


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