Chenango Residents Want To Know: Where Do Recyclables Go?
Published: October 29th, 2014
By: Brittany Grove

Chenango residents want to know: where do recyclables go?

CHENANGO COUNTY — New Berlin residents have voiced concerns about what happens to their recyclables after they are picked up weekly by private recycling haulers. Chenango County Waste Management Program Assistant Patricia Pittsley answered these concerns by explaining the recycling process within the county.

“Chenango County is a source-separated county, which means people have to separate their recycling at the source before bringing it to us,” said Pittsley. “Because we do not have a municipal recycling pick-up in the county, private haulers decide where to bring residents’ recyclables.”

Pittsley said the only way for residents to ensure their items are recycled the way they have separated them – and know where they are going – is to bring their recyclables to the Chenango County landfill in Pharsalia or one of the transfer stations in North Norwich and Brisben.

“Residents have to individually take their recyclables somewhere or hire someone to haul it. Some private haulers bring the items they pick up to us. Residents have to ask the haulers they hire where they are taking their recyclables,” said Pittsley.

Pittsley further explained that even if private haulers pick up recyclables in the county, they may not end up going to one of the county facilities. There are some haulers that take the recyclables to facilities outside the county.


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