DVD Patrol: Dracula, The Equalizer
Published: October 24th, 2014
By: Todd Campbell

By Todd Campbell


We've got a lot going on, Patrollers! With new and older movies coming down the pike, the Patrol has been busy the last few weeks and this time out we've got our Toddster's Take on "The Equalizer" and a little to be said about the original show too. More on that later. Time to see what's in this treat bag.

New on DVD

X-Men: Days of Future Past- Getting a second chance to set things right doesn't usually come along. Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is still his old grumpy self but when we join him and the other X-Men, they're battling for their survival in the future against an army of robot sentinels who're able to adapt to their powers. With only a few team members left, Professor X (Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (Ian Mckellan) come up with a plan to stop these future events from ever happening. Shadowcat (Ellen Page) has a method of sending Wolverine's mind into the body of his younger self back in time. There, he'll have to convince a young Magneto (Micheal Fessbender) and Charles Xavier to work together to stop Mystique from killing an up and coming politican with a plan to stop mutants. Will Wolverine be able to get them to be on the same page? There is already plans for another X-Men sequel that's in the works. Stay Tuned!

Dracula (2013)- Seeing what an old adversary has new in their bag of tricks is not something to sneeze at. Jonathan Rys-Meyers stars as the Prince of Darkness as he poses in a new identity to win the love of the woman he loves and get revenge on those who have wronged him. In the pilot episode, Dracula poses in the guise of Alexander Grayson coming from America with a new process for creating power through science. What he doesn't count on is meeting Mina Harker (Jessica De Gouw) who looks just like his wife centuries ago. What he doesn't know that a secret society who hunts vampires is aware that there is someone in London putting the bite on its' citizens. Now the question is what will Dracula do next? Pick up the complete season on DVD now. Also, check out a new version of him in action as Luke Evans stars in "Dracula Untold" in theaters now.

Also on DVD

Beware the Batman- Dark Justice- The Dark Knight is back in action in all new adventures with all new stories and thrills. In the first episode, Batman is trying to get a device called the ion cortex from his old enemy Ra's Al Ghaul. He's managed to steal all the power from Gotham City and now has Batman beaten. His only hope is for allies Alfred and Katana to try a last minute rescue. Batman manages to rescue himself with the aid of an unlikely ally. He escapes to find out that Ra's has gotten all of Batman's enemies together to stop him from returning and deactivating the cortex once and for all. Will Batman and his friends be able to win the day? You can also pick up "Beware the Batman: Shadows of Gotham" in stores on DVD now.

Now in Theaters

The Equalizer-Making the odds come out in your favor isn't something someone does really. Robert Mccall (Denzel Washington) made a habit of this when he worked as a Government agent. His career led to him to losing someone he loved and he made a promise that he wouldn't do those kinds of things anymore. Keeping that promise might not be so easy when Robert meets Terri (Chloe- Grace Moretz). Teri has led a hard life and Robert realizes this but he does his best to see if he can't help her steer a new path. Teri works as an escort for the Russian mob. Times passes and Robert doesn't see Teri for a few days. He finds out that she has been seriously injured by the people she works for. Robert goes to them to try and buy her freedom away from them but they aren't interested. Robert has to break his promise and put the hurt on Teri's attackers. Robert's work doesn't go unnoticed when the Mob send one of their enforcers named Teddy (Martin Czonkas) to find out what happened to their men. Is Robert going to find a way to protect himself before the mob finds him?

The Toddster's Take- Seeing a movie that's faithful to the original TV series knows that the filmmakers really care about the material. Also, the original creator's were involved as well. Washington worked very well with the role. I believe that Edward Woodward (the actor from the series) would think he was too. It was a bit long but it's still a good one to go check out.

The Toddster just received Season 1 to "The Equalizer" and has been checking that out. Also Walmart has been having a display with such show as "Magnum PI,""The A-Team," and "Knight Rider" with complete seasons available for $9.96. Take advantage of it. The Toddster will see you again.

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