DVD Patrol: Thinkin’ Scary, Part Two
Published: October 17th, 2014
By: Todd Campbell

Coming up with good ideas is half the battle, Patrollers! The Toddster was looking at his video rack trying to think up the next patrol column and it dawned on him that it's always a good idea to bring some old favorites every now and again. Here are a few to get you in the right frame of mind with Halloween just a couple of weeks away.

Now on DVD

Hollow Man-Coming up with the next great idea before someone gets there is not an easy thing to do. Sebastian Caine (Kevin Caine) was of the world's leading scientists searching to find a way to become invisible. During a late night coffee and twinkies session, he hits on it. Assisting him in his operations is Linda Mckay (Elizabeth Shue) and Matt Kensington (Josh Brolin). They try the next phase and it works. Sebatian decides it's time to start testing on human subjects and wants to make himself the first one. They try it out and it's successful. They run into a problem when it's time to turn Sebastian visible again. The longer he stays invisible, the more he likes it. The rest of Sebastian's team sees a change in him and it's not a good one. What will Sebastian do next? Bacon is set to return in a new season of "The Following" starting on Fox coming soon.

The Mummy (1999)-Discovering some secrets may not always be such a great idea. Sometimes it's always a dream for a little boy to go join the Army. Rick O'connell (Brendan Fraser) takes it a step further and joins the French Foreign Legion. While on a mission in the desert, Rick and his men discover an ancient tomb of the Emperor Hamanaptra (Arnold Vosloo). They accidentally wake him up and Rick is the only one to survive. He's jailed for it and now his only way out of jail is to help Evie Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) and her brother Jon (John Hannah). Evie needs Rick's help to lead an expedition back to the tomb. Rick's not sure he wants to go back but getting out of jail seems like a pretty good idea. The journey there isn't easy and when they reach the tomb, the Mummy of Hamanaptra has been awakened. Can Rick and Evie find a way to stop the Mummy before it takes over the World? There is already a reboot of "The Mummy" and is set for release in 2016.

Van Helsing- Stopping the World's toughest monsters is not what you call a great pass time. Abraham Van Helsing (Hugh Jackman) was considered one of the World's most wanted killers. What no one else knew was he was actually stopping all types of monsters that plagued mankind. His latest mission takes him to Transylvania to stop Dracula (Richard Roxburgh) and aid the Princess Anna Valerious (Kate Beckinsale). It seems Dracula is on a mission find the Frankenstein's monster to aid him in creating a new army of the undead. Van Helsing has also been trying to recover from a bout with memory loss and this mission might give him the information he needs to know. Can he find out what he needs to know and save the Princess? Another source seems to think that a reboot for "Van Helsing" is also in the works. Stay Tuned!

Jason X- Being up against one of the World's most heinous killers may not be somewhere you wish to be. Just when you think they can't come up with a new way for Jason (Kane Hodder) to live on. Rowan (Lexa Doig) was an administrator at the prison where Jason was being held but her superiors wanted to find out how he was able to come back from the dead. When it's time to transport him to another facility, he gets loose and now the only way to stop him is to freeze him. Rowan lures him into the chamber but she gets caught. Rowan and Jason are frozen for 400 years and are later found by an archelogical team. They think they have found the Mother Lode. They wake Rowan up and she seems to be ok. She tells them waking Jason might not be the greatest idea but he manages to wake up and goes after everyone on the ship. Will Rowan and the crew be able to survive? The Toddster's favorite Jason movie has to be "Freddy vs Jason" where the masked one goes against the elm steet slasher himself Freddy Krueger. Quite the fight to see.

Just a few scary suggestions for you. October isn't over yet and there might be a few more scary ones left for us before the month is up. New DVDS return for next week. The Toddster will be back.


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