Baby Talk: Modern Motherhood

What’s with all the momma drama? Can’t we just all find common ground as mothers and get along?

I see arguments between mothers, day in and day out, all over the internet. The arguments about being a stay at home mom vs. a working mom or using disposable diapers vs. cloth diapers. The arguments even have further subdivision, once you take a closer look on each side. When did modern day motherhood get so confusing and overwhelming? What happened to women coming together and supporting each other? I feel like now that opinions can be quickly typed and shared online, with easy access for the world to see, the judgment and criticism towards each other are just free flowing. I’m obviously all for sharing ideas and opinion, but does it really need to be in rude and hurtful way?

Over the past ten years, I’ve been a working mom with one child, a stay at home mom with two children and now a stay at home/work from home mom with three children and some days a plus one. I’ve been a breast feeding mom, an exclusively pumping mom and a formula feeding mom. The only thing I will admit to never having tried is cloth diapering. Sorry Mother Nature, but the amount of laundry I do for five people is already overwhelming at times. I’ve been peed on, pooped on and yes even vomited on! Gross, I know. Even worse, when a child is puking your regular instincts tell you to run away from the puke, but as a mom you always seemed compelled to cup your hands to catch it. Less mess I guess! But the bottom line at each of these phrases, regardless of the situation is, I am a Mom.

As I’ve been sharing with you about my family these past three months, the response has been heartwarming. I really love my family and being able to share my experiences with others. I’ve been doing this in the hope that I can make a difference in our community, one family at time. I truly enjoy motherhood and all that goes along with it. I’ve been a student, a teacher and worked other varied jobs here and there when needed to support myself through each of my life’s challenges. But my favorite job thus far has to be being a mother. It can be a tough job, but it’s filled with such joy and reward, at the same time. Because of this, I try to be as supportive of other mothers as I can. I feel like most mothers, whether they are raising their children the way you would or not, deserve a helping hand instead of a judging pointed finger. Don’t you feel more encouraged and better about yourself when you are receiving positive support, rather than being told you are doing something not ‘the right way’? Being supportive to other mothers is as simple as saying ‘Hello’ to someone new at parent pick-up with a smile. Or telling the mother next to you, at sports practice, her child is doing great. Little conversations can be the start of something bigger. Or even if they stay little, five bucks says, your positive interaction at least made a bright spot in that mother’s day.

When you get pregnant and sign up to join Team Mom, do you really know what you are getting into? Did any of us really in the beginning? Instead of fighting with each other over parenting issues and how we raise our children, I say, let’s work together! Everyone on this earth has a special talent, skill, that one thing you are really great at. Share it! Hopefully, by reaching out to other mothers and sharing our ideas, we can work together, get the conversation started and have more positive, supportive interactions with each other. Now wouldn’t that make our community a better place?



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