Flower Displays Abound At Chenango County Fair
Published: August 8th, 2014
By: Sami Gillette

Flower displays abound at Chenango County Fair

NORWICH – As the Chenango County Fair progresses many have taken the time to visit the flower show based in the exhibition hall. Themed “An Invitation to a Wedding” and sponsored by the Garden Clubs of Chenango County, the show has impressed judges and visitors alike.

Said Flower Show Chairwoman Mary Musson, “The show is so highly rated that we are now eligible to apply for big awards, including national awards.”

The show, which is nationally federated, encompasses two different sections – horticulture and design. Musson explained that this year there was a huge turnout for horticulture as there were 206 individual entries this year. There were also 25 designers who entered stunning displays in different categories.

“This is one of the prettiest shows we've ever done,” said Marilyn Kochersperger who serves as the liaison for the show and has been involved in the fair for forty years. “It's a lot of fun... all of the four clubs worked together.”


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