‘The Inn-Siders’ Released, Memories Of The Sherburne Inn
Published: August 7th, 2014
By: Sami Gillette

‘The Inn-Siders’ released, memories of The Sherburne Inn

SHERBURNE – In collaboration with the Save The Sherburne Inn Restoration Project, Inc. comes a publication entitled “The Inn-Siders,” a collection of memories, photographs and stories that recount the beginning history of the inn in its glory.

Created by The Inn-Siders committee, the book was published in June of this year and is currently available in stores throughout Sherburne. All proceeds will go towards the restoration project.

“We wanted to capture the historical stories of the Sherburne Inn among the people in the region,” said Dr. Bill Au, head of The Inn-Siders.

He explained that the project first came about following a chance conversation in the library. The concern was that as the generations of people who have memories of the Inn get older, there is a greater and greater chance of the stories and memories disappearing.

“They ended up coming to me and asking me to lead a group to capture the oral memories and stories of people of the Sherburne Inn and what it meant to the community,” he said.

As a result, Au and other locals of Sherburne formed The Inn-Siders, which includes Au, Helen Braun, Colleen Law-Tefft and Lynn Morris. Joan Keefe was also a large part of the project, but passed away before publication. The first volume of “The Inn-Siders” is dedicated to her, and it is obvious from talking to the rest of the committee that she was an important member and deeply respected.


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