DVD Patrol: The Other Woman, Bad Words, Lucy
Published: August 1st, 2014
By: Todd Campbell

By Todd Campbell


Time for some more fun, Patrollers! The Toddster has finally done it and caught a movie in the Theater after a pretty bleak July but things are looking up for August. How was the latest one we reviewed? Read on!

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The Other Woman- It always seems like getting married is very complicated. Carly (Cameron Diaz) thought she had it all and a great guy. She thought she would surprise him at home and learns that he's really married to Kate (Leslie Mann). The two of them get to talking and become fast friends. They want to get the double dealing guy and learn that there is a third woman named Amber (Kate Upton) in the picture too. Kate and Carly confront Amber and let her know what really going on. Now the only thing to do is to see what to do with him. What will our team do next? Diaz can currently be seen in the new comedy "Sex Tape" with Jason Segel in theaters now.

Noah- Being on a mission from God is never an easy task. Noah (Russell Crowe) was a very simple man who always tried to take care of his family the best he could. After receiving a message from his God, he is asked to build a giant ark to survive a giant flood that will comsume the World. Who goes on the ark might be the ultimate question. The people of the kingdom and their king want to come on board but Noah isn't sure what he should do next. What choices will Noah be forced to make? Another DVD just released is "Heaven is for Real" telling the story of a little boy who died and came back to life. It's now in stores.

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Bad Words-You're never too old to do what you're good at. Guy Trilby (Jason Bateman) was a great speller and always competed at spelling bees when he was a kid. He's forced to stop after something traumatic happens. Years later, he wants to try it again. So he'll do anything he can to get back into spelling bees. Guy tries to find some type of rule that will allow him to compete even though spelling bees are usually a kid's game. Is Guy going to win it all? Bateman returns with his pals in "Horrible Bosses 2" hitting theaters in November.

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Lucy-Sometimes it's not that much fun doing a favor for a friend. Lucy (Scarlett Johannsen) was trying to help her boyfriend out by delivering a briefcase with something mysterious inside. She didn't want to deliver it but then her boyfriend handcuffed it to her wrist and she had to do it. The people she was delivering it to were actually the Chinese Triad. They removed the briefcase and drafted her for another job. She was knocked out and found out that something had been put inside of her. Lucy later finds out that a sack of drugs was placed in her stomach. After being beaten, the drugs start leaking and give Lucy superhuman abilities. She goes looking for the other people who have the drugs inside of her because she now needs them to stay alive. Lucy seeks out Professor Norman (Morgan Freeman) who might be able to help make sense of whatever she is turning into. The Chinese Triad also want their merchandise back. What will happen to Lucy next?

The Toddster's Take- This one is "Transcedence meets the Discovery Channel." This is one of the worst movies I have seen in a long time. The movie jumps from the movie that we're supoosed to be watching to watching animals and nature reacting with one another. It asks more questions than it actually answers. I was very surprised by Director Luc Besson (The Transporter, Taken). For a long time, he hasn't directed anything. This movie was just one big disappointment. The only thing great about it is that it's not that long a movie. Wait for the DVD if you're even remotely interested.

Going to see more movies this weekend and hopefully we will be featuring them right here very soon. August is just getting started. The Toddster will be back next week.