Ladies In The Outdoors

By: Josh Sheldon

Ladies in the outdoors

I can't tell you how many times I have been told that I need to feature women in my column, who also hunt and fish. I have been trying for quite a while, and had a few in mind. Every time I asked, they weren't interested. Finally, the search is over, and I can give the people what they want.

The number of women in the outdoors has risen dramatically in the past 10 years. There have been many speculations as to why this trend was strengthening. I was wondering myself, and have been looking forward to asking and reporting the answer to that question for a while now.

In my opinion, there needs to be more ladies afield. They are able to teach by example that women can be just as good at hunting and fishing as men are. Little girls, in return, watch their mother, aunt or female mentor getting involved, and want to join in. This is a win win for everybody. The children get an early education in the outdoors by a lady, which reinforces the outdoors for everyone. Women get to enjoy the outdoors, while providing food and testing their outdoor abilities. While men get to enjoy sharing their experience, with their friend, daughter, niece or neighbor’s kid.

I'm happy to see ladies embracing and defending our outdoor rights. I also like knowing that there will be more people standing up to defend our second amendment rights. If asked what has changed outdoor sports the most, a large portion of men would likely reference a technological advancement. I, on the other hand, recognize the increasing number of ladies in the field as the most significant change. I went online and found countless outdoor groups for women. These groups are for beginning and experienced women hunters and fishing ladies.

Last week, I was online and saw a picture of some crappie and perch on a stringer. I liked the photo and commented, “I would like to have been there.” One of my buddies added, “Of course you would, you only catch panfish.” I noticed a lady had posted before me, “Yum, that looks like dinner to me.”

After seeing my buddy’s post I wrote that I have caught my share of lunkers, and would rather return home with a meal, rather than a picture. The girl liked both of my comments. I immediately realized she enjoyed at least the bounty that nature provides. Could this be the person that I had been looking for? I sent her a friend request after liking her statement. She accepted my request, to which I sent her a personal message explaining my writing dilemma. She said she would be happy to be featured in a column, and gave me her number. I called and was excited to finally have a woman that was happy to represent ladies in the outdoors.

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Nicole Beebe was born and raised in Greene. She has been fishing all her life, and was introduced to the outdoors by her father. She is a proud mother of two that shares the outdoors with her children as much as possible. In talking to her, I could hear in her voice her passion for the outdoors. Like myself, she loves eating panfish. When asked of her favorite fishing memories she told me of how she and her dad caught about 50 sunfish at the Cincinnatus Dam. They then went home and filleted them for a fish fry. This is likely where her taste for fish came from. To this day, she enjoys a good fish fry, probably wishing her father was there to share it.


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