Community Donates The Place Kids' Paintings
Published: June 11th, 2014
By: Sami Gillette

Community donates The Place kids' paintings

NORWICH – In April The Place in Norwich held a cocktail fundraiser at the Uncorked Cafe and Lounge, the impact of which is still resonating throughout the community. At the event paintings were auctioned off that had been created by the children of The Place in the style of Jackson Pollock, and some community members decided to donate the paintings.

“We had 60 guests, sold 38 paintings and all of our silent auction baskets, and received 23 weeks of sponsorships for the families of our KIDS program. We raised a net total of $4,188.95. This will help us to continue to provide the programs that the teens and children in our community need,” states The Place Facebook page.

The generosity did not end there. Both Jim Butterfield and Christ Brunner donated a framed piece of art to The Place so that children can view it daily.

“Thank you to Jim Butterfield and Chris Brunner for donating back the painting the children and teens created at The Place, and for having it framed for us. It looks great on the wall in our activity room,” states the Facebook page.

Joe Gonzalez recently donated paintings that he purchased at the fundraiser to UHS Pediatrics in Norwich, which are located on a wall between exam rooms at the pediatric office.


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