Norwich Theater Company Fundraises, Reveals New Season

By: Sami Gillette

Norwich Theater Company fundraises, reveals new season

NORWICH – The Norwich Theater Company (NTCI) will host its biggest annual fundraiser this Saturday, May 31, in the form of a Music & Masquerade. Attendees are invited to dress up, wear fun masks and listen to great music performed by Red Raville’s Big Band Sound, as well as several other performers, including Ultimate Idol winners from the competition in Oneonta. The night will also serve as the reveal of the 2014-15 season. The event is from 7 - 10 p.m. on Saturday at the Canasawacta Country Club in Norwich.

“It will be an evening of music, dancing and light refreshments, with a semi-formal masquerade theme,” said Event Chair Richard Heim (per a NTCI press release).

This is the first time NTCI has hosted a Music & Masquerade event. It will be a great time to enjoy music as Red Raville is a large, 15 piece band with five performers scheduled to sing with the band throughout the evening. Each vocalist will perform two songs and guests will able to dance and enjoy light refreshments and appetizers.

“We’re asking for semi-formal attire and we are providing masks,” explained Heim. “They will get to pick their masks of the ones we have.”

He and other volunteers decorated the masquerade masks for the event to ensure that there will be a variety of styles and colors to match with attendees’ outfits (guests are not required to wear masks).

NTCI is a not for profit organization and relies on fundraisers such as the Music & Masquerade to gain production rights for shows and other associated costs. Last year’s event was a murder mystery dinner.

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“We’re a community theater company. Everybody involved with our shows are generally volunteers… individuals in the community,” said Heim.


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