Climate whatever

A few comments on the parade of issues. First up is climate whatever.

The President is trying to change the subject from Obamacare to anything else before November. Who can blame him? He unveiled the scary White House National Climate Assessment.

I used the term “climate whatever” because the latest report uses the term “climate disruption”. Before that the popular term was “climate change”. Before that the term was “global warming”.

That is part of the problem the President and the Greens face. They want us to be alarmed by climate whatever. But the reason they changed the term from global warming is that the globe did not warm. Not the way they predicted. And sooo many more of their predictions have not come about.

The “they” I refer to are the alarmists. Al Gore & Co. For a few decades they have predicted various calamities. The calamities have not come about. When people hear the latest warnings they remember the fable of the boy who cried wolf. And they resent that Al & Co. have made so much money peddling calamities that did not arrive.

Hey, Greens, don’t attack me over this. I only state the obvious. Americans tell pollsters they rank climate concerns toward the bottom of their worries. Considering the number of bogus warnings they have heard over the years, who can blame them?

Also, when people are told the debate is over and the science is settled they grow wary. Many do. They know there are serious scientists who hold different views. They know big-time Greens want to silence them and smother those views. That unsettles them.

Here is a good reason why it unsettles them: Next to the “climate disruption” article in my paper was one about saturated fat and heart disease. A big study in a prominent medical journal tells us “Saturated fat does not cause heart disease.”

Wait a minute. The science was settled on this many years ago. The debate ended long ago. Governments have spent gobs of money to change the way we eat. Health experts have urged us to despise eggs and butter and beef. They have urged us to go veggie. Educrats have filled the minds of our kids with propaganda on the evils of saturated fats.

Turns out the debate is not over. And the science is not settled. (March edition of Annals of Internal Medicine.)

Next up: Greece, NY was in the news. The town’s board allowed ministers to deliver invocations before their meetings. A Jewish person and an atheist challenged this all the way to the Supreme Court. The Supreme’s said it has no problem with it.

Both sides have strong cases. Some argue that such prayer insults their atheist beliefs. Some say the prayers are not directed to gods they pray to, but to other gods.

Maybe in such cases we should give everybody a shot. This week a Christian. Next week a Muslim. Next week an atheist. Next week a follower of Zoroastrianism. (Don’t laugh. There are millions of them.)

Next up: Another court case that affects you. New York’s highest court ruled the public has the right to know the names of retirees who collect public pensions.

This information used to be public. A few years ago the police pension fund stopped releasing it. Then the teachers’ pension fund stopped.

Again, both sides have good arguments. If you are a retired policeman or teacher or government worker do you want your neighbors to know your finances? You probably don’t.

If you retired from a company you probably don’t. If you owned a business and created your own pension fund you probably don’t.

Ahh, but in the private sector your boss knows what your pension is. And in the public sector your boss is the taxpayer. The court decided the boss, the taxpayer, deserves to know.

So, it’s okay to pray your politicians get things right. And you no longer have to pray your Big Mac won’t clog your arteries. You can pray your greedy pals and parasite kids don’t learn how fat your pension is. While I pray that Al Gore takes his money and just leaves me alone.

From in Morgan.

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