Freshness, Global Flavor At Poolville Country Store
Published: May 5th, 2014
By: Sami Gillette

Freshness, global flavor at Poolville Country Store

POOLVILLE – The Poolville Country Store Restaurant Bed & Breakfast has been under the ownership of Roger Foster and Charles Wilburn since 2006, and they have built and maintained a reputation focused on providing food that is sustainable, fresh, locally-minded and, of course, as delicious as possible. One dish that has been on the menu since the beginning and is immensely popular with the dinner crowd is Polynesian Calamari.

“That's turned into a staple,” said Wilburn who explained that any time he has thought about replacing it, there has been an outcry amongst customers.

The calamari is served as an appetizer that can feed one to two people and is priced at $10.

Wilburn explained that the dish is made with wild caught calamari and is fairly simple to make. He created the recipe, which he does with all of his dishes.

“I work menus out in my mind,” he said. “I think about a seasoning and spice that I pick and choose. It's in-house development.”

Sometimes the calamari is tossed with a lemon aioli and dusted with parmesan and sundried tomato. The calamari currently featured on the menu has a Polynesian twist.

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First Wilburn makes the sauce.

“It's a reduction of pineapple juice, soy sauce, brown sugar, red pepper and is thickened with corn starch and diluted (if necessary) with water,” he said.


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