DVD Patrol Teamup: Favorite Marvel characters

They say it's always fun getting the band back together. My team came back to let us in on some absolute favorite Marvel heroes and with all the timing of some Super Hero movies coming out, it seemed like the perfect time. A couple of them even like the same ones. We also have a new team member, Sam. Welcome to the Patrol. Enjoy the ride.

Matt White

Iron Man

Admittedly, I'm no TV junkie. I'm really not. But when involved in a relationship with what is the female adult equivalent of a 7 year old NES-Wii-video game addict like I am, you tend to pay attention once in a while.

She's in deep, folks. Kid Icarus is her favorite all time game. She has a Super Mario (1) cheat book that she has coveted since she was six. We have an original NES console in our bedroom. So the kids won't bump and potentially disturb it. It's bad.

At any rate, I got into the Marvel Adventures just enough to realize that out of all of them (Those I actually paid attention to) that Iron Man was the best.

Blame it on my affinity for Ozzy Osborne or the fact that I always like good guys that are always right, intelligent, and physically Apt while being a pompous jerk at the same time. Good Stuff, right?

No matter because Iron Man is the coolest jerk. He loves to tinker, invent, and has an awesome lab at his mansion devoted to doing just that. At the same time, honing his witty sarcasm and building the baddest gadgets in all the universe. all in the name of humanity and good will.

And all this time she thought I wanted a garage to work on the car. Shh!!

Sam Gillette


Thor is the best Marvel movie by far. Beyond arrogant gods, fraternal feuds and deathly destruction, there is one thing that Thor has that the other films do not- an abundance of yummy, irresisitible men. (getting the woman's views here people) Don't get me wrong because I do have respect for the storyline. Thor (Chris Hemsworth), song of the King of Asgard, is so cocky that he becomes careless. After making a dangerous error, his Father throws him out of his home realm down to Earth, where he's rendered mortal. Toss in his defense of the human race and a love story with a cute scientist (played by Natalie Portman) and I couldn't look away.

But I must say- the selection of male actors couldn't be better for viewers looking for some eye candy of the male variety. Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, and Idris Elba are confident, sexy, and command the screen. Hemsworth playing Thor with hammer in hand seems capable of defeating any foe. He also looks incredlibly hot without a shirt which is always a plus. In contrast, Thor's brother Loki (played by Hiddleston) can't seem to help but be conniving and deceitful. Yet, he's not completely evil. This hint of goodness plus his aristocratic looks and dry humor help create a very inviting package. Finally, while Heimdall (played by Elba) is a relatively small role, one cannot ignore his wisdom or the warmth of his gaze.

Yes- his gaze which makes me shiver even though he's just an image projected onto a screen. Many may criticize my film choosing criteria but Marvel knows how to market to it's audience. I, for one, am completely sold.

Shawn Mcgrath

Iron Man

I'll be honest. I know very few Marvel characters. Very few.

That being said, there's one who stands out in my mind more than the two or three I can say by name, and that's Iron Man. In the nerdy realm of comic book heroes, Iron Man is one of the few I could relate to, perhaps because he didn't have super powers, per se. Just super money and a super cool suit (both of which I can only dream of having, unless there's an inexplicable demand for young professionials with an English degree).

When the first Iron Man movie hit the silver screen in 2008, I have to admit.....it channeled my innrer geek- a side of me I let show a little too freely around friends. But I never went to see it. In fact, I still haven't seen it.

I know it's hypocritical to say I like a super hero when I've never watched his big screen debut. But as a kid, there was something cool about Iron Man that no other super hero could live up to, his ordinnariness. Like Batman (my all time favorite hero) Iron Man wasn't created in a lab, bitten by a radioactive spider, or involved in bizarre chemical spill off the I-95 corrider. He was just a guy with a suite. and did I mention the money?

In hindsight, my childhood fantasies of Iron Man were better than i gave myself credit for. In the broad scheme of things, I suppose there's hope that a real life Iron Man could one day exist. On the other hand, I'm not holding my breath for someone who can sling spider webs and climb up the side of a Manhattan skyrise.

Todd Campbell

Captain America

Probably my favorite Marvel hero of the moment has to be the Star spangled Avenger none other than himself- Captain America. I loved it when the Avengers came out in 2012. Marvel assembled the team of the Hulk, Iron Man, Thor and the Captain himself. Played with great wit and a very honest way to carry one's self by Chris Evans. He's come a long way since playing Johnny Storm in the Fantastic Four films.

Starting with "Captain America-The First Avenger." We meet Steve Rogers (Evans) who volunteers for a secret government program to make super soldiers. He's handpicked by Dr. Abraham Erskine (Stanley Tucci) because he sees something in Steve that's good and honest. They want him to fight the threat posed by Hydra led by Johann Schmidt AKA the Red Skull (Hugo Weaving). The Skull send an assassin to stop them but they kill Erskine with Steve stopping the killer.

After some time passes, Steve, now known as Captain America, goes after Schmidt and Hydra with everything he's got. He's able to stop them but at the end of the war, an accident sends Steve into suspended animation for 70 years.

Cap is found by Shield and Colonel Nick Fury (Samuel L Jackson). Fury has anothe mission for him to help assemble the Avengers and go after Loki and get back an awesome object of power called the Tesseract. They're able to do it.

Now with the new film "The Winter Soldier," Cap is still getting used to modern day. He's not sure if he can trust Shield seeing how they operate.

Cap is not someone who compromises. He always sees things in black and white. Good or bad. He goes to get the job done and will do it right. He wants to do what's right. That's what I like about Captain America.

It's always fun seeing what my fellow team members will come up with. They certainly have some unique experiences. The Patrol returns next time with some new DVDS. Join us here. The Toddster will return.

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