New Album Release From Rabbit In The Rye
Published: April 10th, 2014
By: Sami Gillette

New album release from Rabbit in the Rye

SHERBURNE – Rabbit in the Rye, a band that melds progressive rock, Americana, and folk arrangements, just released its first live album this past Friday.

Working in coordination with Subcat Studios of Syracuse, the album was a result of a subrosa session in which the band performed live in front of an audience. Their music was recorded at a studio quality level. Members of the audience were then given a CD of the performance they had just seen.

The three band members, Joseph Mettler of Sherburne, and Brendan O'Connor and Alex Lavon (both of Highland Mills), then decided to take the album one step further. “We mixed from those tracks we recorded,” explained Lavon.

Aptly named “Live at Subrosa,” the album is a digital release only and is available through a “pay what you want” system at

When asked why they left the payment option open, Mettler explained that the album did not cost much to produce and they wanted to “share the wealth.” “Because it's live, we want people to hear it and pass along the word,” said O'Connor.


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