Obamacare loses even in victory

Obamacare has passed one of its enrollment milestones. More or less it has. All those who feel excited and proud of this achievement please raise your hand.

Pollsters tell us a majority of Americans will not have raised their hands. For good reasons.

1. The number one goal was to insure the uninsured. Obamacare is doing this in relatively small numbers. Most people who signed up were already insured. Many have been shunted onto Medicaid, an existing program. The government tells us tens of millions will remain uninsured well into the future. Critics say “Obamacare is not coming close to achieving its number one goal. So why did we have to endure this mess?” A fair question.

2. A majority of Americans did not want Obamacare. And don’t like it now. Various polls found 70 to 85 percent of us liked our old healthcare plans.

3. The new program adds huge bureaucracies to an already bloated government. It adds innumerable taxes to a sluggish economy. One that does not need a bunch of new taxes. We know the new taxes will hurt small businesses. Small businesses traditionally created most of our new jobs.

4. Obamacare adds enormous complexity to healthcare. It adds confusion. You have read and heard about it. Can you describe it for me? Can you tell me how it works? This program impacts 20 percent of your economy. You should be able to explain how it works. I bet you cannot. I bet no one can. Seriously. It is sooooo complicated I cannot believe anyone can grasp its complexities.

5. The new plan will probably cost you. Millions will pay more for health insurance. You might have your policy cancelled because of Obamacare. You may lose your doctor because of it. Not good.

6. It is hard to know where the bill ends and playin’ around begins. This provision is delayed. That is scrubbed. This is adjusted. These guys are exempted. Those guys are not. C’monnnn!

Par for the course for all laws? No. A typical law is short. Regulations that grow from it are lengthy. And they often get changed. In this case, it is the law that is lengthy. Incredibly so. And incredibly complex. And all these exemptions and delays? They are changes in the law itself. Crafted during a beer on the White House patio. Bad precedent and damned illegal. If the White House can change this law at the quaff of a beer what lies ahead? Any president will be able to change any law any time he feels like it. Welcome to Russia.

7. It may blast a hole in the hull of the Democratic Party. Voters will tell us in November. The Dems will change the subject between now and then. Game over, they will tell us. Debate finished. Obamacare? Never heard of it. The more important issue is… Move on.

They wish.

In fact, they may manage to change the subject and do well in the elections. (I suspect they will.) But suppose they lose big time in November? If they do, the crafters of Obamacare will be daubed with a scarlet letter for years to come.

If they do lose in November they will have only themselves to blame. History is clear. They refused to allow any Republican ideas in the bill. This was a purely Democrat bill. Still is. They got zero Republican votes for it. They rammed it through on procedural slight-of-hand. Big gamble. Will it pay off for them in November? I have a feeling it will. If it does not, the liberal half of the party will take the gas.

8. We are supposed to be a great nation. With great thinkers. With political systems that are messy, yes. But they create laws and policies of which we can be proud. Many are of high quality.

Can anyone say with a straight face that Obamacare is an example of American quality? It is a Rube Goldberg contraption. It is held together by duct tape. It has caused upheaval across the land. It has set relatives, friends and dogs against each other. It will cost us a fortune. It may do lasting damage to a political party.

Is this the best we can do?

From Tom...as in Morgan.

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