Vietnam Vets Applauded At Recognition Ceremony
Published: April 1st, 2014
By: Shawn Magrath

Vietnam Vets applauded at recognition ceremony

OXFORD – The New York State Veterans’ Home in Oxford, in collaboration with volunteers and the local chapter of the Patriot Guard Riders, hosted a commemorative ceremony Monday to honor the military elite, particularly those who served in the Vietnam War.

Nearly four decades after America’s withdrawal from the Vietnam War, organizers of Monday’s event say efforts of those who served in the war are past but far from forgotten.

More than 30 residents of the Veterans’ Home attended the ceremony, accompanied by friends, family, and supporters. “We’re really honored to have a ceremony like this because it gives us an opportunity to recognize and celebrate your service,” said Veterans’ Home administrator Jim Wyzykowski. “This is our chance to say thank you, we appreciate your service, and we’re very fortunate to have all of you here.”

While speaking, Wyzykowski also highlighted some of the federal benefit programs available to all veterans, noting that many veterans fail to take advantage. “One of the biggest focus groups that is not taking advantage of veterans’ benefits is the Vietnam era veterans,” he said.


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