Brian Golden Returns To Jam With The Voodoo Mystics
Published: January 17th, 2014
By: Brittany Grove

Brian Golden returns to jam with The Voodoo Mystics

NORWICH – Brian Golden is back in town from Syracuse for a visit, which means the return of local band The Voodoo Mystics. Golden says, “It's time to chase those winter blues away.” The Voodoo Mystics will be bringing their unique, bluesy sound to Rita's Tavern on 15 Lackawanna Ave. in Norwich tonight, Jan. 17, from 9 p.m. to midnight.

Golden, the former editor of The Evening Sun, moved from Norwich to Syracuse to chase his long-time dream of becoming a full-time musician with the band, Master Thieves, as a lead guitarist and contributing vocalist.

“It was in my blood,” says Golden of becoming a full-time musician. “My father, Gary Golden, who passed away six years ago this Sunday, was a bassist for a popular New York 70's band, Ivanshroud. My stepfather, Steve Cornelius – who married my mom when I was three – also happens to be a fantastic electric guitar player.”

Golden said he was raised on Jimmy Hendrix, Eric Clapton and the “old blues guys” like B.B. King. “At heart I am a blue's guitar player. Stevie Ray Vaughn is a major influence as well.”

It was the summer of 1991 and Golden was 14 years old when he learned to play guitar and began polishing his vocal skills. “When my friends were out playing football or doing other sports and activities, I was at home eight hours a day woodshedding on the guitar.”


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