B-G Students Learn About Environmental Issues

By: Matthew White

BAINBRIDGE – Students at Bainbridge-Guilford Central High School are learning to “think green.” The school's environmental issues class has students participating in a variety of activities and has gone on a few field trips to learn about, understand and help the environment since the beginning of the semester.

“We had a presenter, Detective Shackelton from (Department of Environmental Protection), that explained about the reservoirs and the importance of them to the people in (New York City),” said B-G student Amber Giles. “Mr. Shackelton also explained the role of the DEP police officers, historically and currently.”

With the increased demand for awareness and sensitivity about the environment and environmental challenges, schools across the country are including more curriculum that emphasizes knowledge and understanding about the environment and what environmental challenges lay ahead for future generations.

In an exercise identifying environmental awareness in popular culture, students in the B-G class (grades 9-12) watched movies such as “Wall-e” and the Dr. Suess' classic “The Lorax,” which asseverates the importance of recycling and planting trees, and discussed the positive impact these activities can have on the environment. “Learning that picking up litter and recycling bottles is a good thing,” said Giles.

Giles added, “Our class headed out onto the streets of Bainbridge and helped pick up litter from the ground. To me, the trip was fun, hanging out and helping the environment with friends.”



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