Chobani Sets The Record Straight
Published: November 14th, 2013
By: Brittany Grove

Chobani sets the record straight

NORWICH – A spokesperson for Chobani addressed community rumors about layoffs at their corporate headquarters in Norwich and the New Berlin plant. Chobani’s spokesperson said less than ten people have been laid off at corporate headquarters.

The Chobani spokesperson also said that the rumors about layoffs at the New Berlin factory and about plant closings are “completely false.” He said, “Actually, it is just the opposite. There will be new hires in the coming months.”

It is true that there has been a refocus at Chobani. The company has redirected its focus on growth and the quality of its yogurt. In pursuit of continuing their growth and refocusing their goals, some people and positions were let go.

Chief Marketing Officer Peter McGuinness commented on the layoffs at corporate headquarters in Norwich and said, “As we refocus our resources on the quality and distribution of our yogurt, we looked to streamline operations in areas that are not core to quality, production and distribution. Moving forward, we will be leaning on world class external partners to continue telling our story and interacting with our consumers.”


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