Police Biter Sentenced; Repeat Felon Gets Chance To Change His Life
Published: November 13th, 2013
By: Brittany Grove

By Brittany Grove

Sun Staff Writer


NORWICH – Rehabilitation was the theme for Chenango County court on Friday, Nov. 8 in Norwich.

Public defender John Cameron helped young defendant – who assaulted an officer – get probation with the hope that he will change his life. Chenango County Court Judge Frank B. Revoir Jr. sent a drunk driver to prison and recommends Shock Incarceration to reform a convicted felon.

• Andrew Graham, 21, Norwich, was charged with the class D felony of assault in the second degree for allegedly causing physical injury to an officer on May 5 in Norwich. Graham resisted arrest and bit the right forearm of officer Jeremy Burdick breaking the skin and causing him to bleed.

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“The EMS tried to take me to the hospital because I was having a seizure,” Graham said. “The police officer grabbed me and had me in a headlock. I was out of it because of the seizure and don't like it when people touch me afterwards. I don't really remember what happened.”

Dunshee said to the judge that if Graham could not remember biting the officer “then we don't have a plea.”

Graham's lawyer, Cameron, counseled Graham and said, “You were the only one there who could have bit him, right? If you were the only one there and they say you bit him, then isn't it safe to say you did bite him.”

Graham agreed with his lawyer and admitted he bit the officer.


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