Maggie’s Soap: Local Woman Turns Hobby Into A Career
Published: November 6th, 2013
By: Brittany Grove

Maggie’s Soap: Local woman turns hobby into a career

SHERBURNE – Maggie’s Soap is a new local small business, spearheaded by a wife and mother that uses her talents to make wholesome, homemade soap with all natural ingredients. Maggie’s Soap is located at 33 Chapel Street in Sherburne. Soap maker Maggie Fitzpatrick makes soap without all the preservatives and chemicals that you find in store-bought soap. Fitzpatrick says that her soap will “not dry out your skin,” and it is “nourishing and good for your skin.”

Fitzpatrick makes soaps that look like cupcakes or with designs and colors appropriate as party favors for events, weddings and bridal showers.

“I love doing events, especially weddings. It is something different than bubbles, birdseed or another bag of nuts. It is a unique, valuable gift,” added Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick does not stop there. She hosts workshops to teach people her soap-making skills, spreading her love for and knowledge about homemade soap. “It is something fun for a group of friends, couples, or family to learn together, and it is beneficial as well,” said Fitzpatrick.


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