Still winding up with a vegetable

Last week I began my column with a disclaimer. Iím a creature of habit, so Iíll do the same today: This may seem all over the map, but thatís because it is. One thing Iíve realized as editor thus far is that my brain canít stay in one place for too long, because in 30 seconds Iíll have to direct my attention to a completely separate issue. Ironically enough, it most likely involves the approval of ď30 SecondsĒ submissions. Therefore, this will be a stream-of-consciousness, ďWhere is the editorís head this week?Ē type of thing. Later in the week Iíll write something a little more focused, and submit it as a blog. Things have been super busy around here, but I feel guilty for not having something ready on a Monday.

Sometimes I wonder why people lack a constant passion; an unwavering desire for modification or evolution all of the time.

It seems as though people only care when itís right in front of their faces on a TV screen. Or in their wallets. Or their backyards.

I seriously wonder why the drive for something different canít be there all the time. I suppose people are just comfortable in their bubbles. That is, until there is a direct reason to freak out (or in other cases, help out).

Iíve noticed folks in the various communities in the county seem to be very passionate about certain local concerns.

Weíve got the Town and Village of Oxford with the constant back-and-forth regarding natural gas drilling, and New Berlin and Columbus with their issues regarding UVAC and ambulance services.

Some of the Oxford folks get pretty brutal about the whole fracking debacle. I read about it every single day. Who is right? Who knows. I like that youíre passionate about it, but there has got to be a more effective method than bickering with other residents on an anonymous forum. Organize a demonstration. Meet up for lunch and chat about it. Action is important.

Iím pretty new to the UVAC/New Berlin Ambulance issue. Correct me if Iím wrong, but this involves a tax increase? Iím looking forward to the incoming letters to the editor about this whole thing, so I can figure out how I feel about it.

Simply put Ė I believe taxation to be theft, and theft to be inherently wrong, so I will assume you can deduce from there where Iíll stand with anything of that sort.

I enjoy when people care about issues or events; I wish they cared more. I wish people cared with as much fervor about everything as they do about a tiny fraction of happenings. I wish people cared as much about some things as they do about football. To the fella who smashed his ashtray against the wall because the Giants lost again, I dig your passion, but mineís not directed in the same place.

I suppose we all have to start somewhere.

In the semi-grander scheme of things, people are up in arms regarding the ďgovernment shutdown.Ē Without delving into my exact stance on the whole fiasco, Iím glad to see individuals are paying a little bit of attention. Where were you for the past year? For the past five years? For the past Ö I donít know Ö entire history of yourself as a capable thinking human?

Did people not realize the inherent flaws of the system until the first of October? If so, that is just mind-boggling to me. Maybe itís because the majority of the population relies on mainstream media for their sources of information.

All of a sudden you care? Iím not saying thatís a bad thing in the least. Good, Iím glad your wheels are turning. Iím also not making the assumption that no one previously paid attention, I am just going off the majority of interactions Iíve had this past week.

Weíve got Democrats blaming Republicans (and vice versa), vets knocking down barricades, tractor trailer drivers attempting to make a statement Ö a whole bunch going on all over the place.

Some people are coming to the realization they shouldnít have to ask permission from the government for certain things, like hiking in a forest.

Others seem to equate their relationship with government to that of a sprout and photosynthesis; with the government as the sun. They feel they canít grow themselves without it.

I see some folks calling for a bigger government. ďWe need these programs to help everyone. Everyone needs healthcare.Ē Sidenote: Healthcare and health insurance are not one-in-the-same.

Some are calling for a smaller government. ďWe Republicans want lower taxes, and no Obamacare. Leave it up to the states.Ē

You know what, though, when given the choice between broccoli or carrots for dinner, youíre still winding up with a vegetable.

Now that people are passionate or mindful about something, I wonder why more donít realize that Ė regardless of the issue Ė you are opting for someone else to make decisions for you.

Yes, I know I was born in a ďDemocratic Republic,Ē and yes, I know the premise of that, but when will the general population become cognizant of the fact that force and coercion are wrong, and not a good means for anything?

The way I see it, now is as good a time as any to make that realization and react accordingly, since we have not only local issues ticking people off, but national and global issues. (By the way, what happened to the passion regarding Syria Ö retroactive interference, perhaps?)

On another note, various recent events have shown the community can join together Ė willingly Ė to help out others in need. No one forced anyone to help out with the Viera Strong fundraiser, but people did. Others donated funds and time to the suicide awareness 5k in Oxford. A ladies night was held in New Berlin to raise both funds and awareness regarding breast cancer. People from all across the globe joined together to support Baby Corbin. People do fantastic things when their hearts are in it, and I think thatís terrific.

It makes my heart happy when people pay attention. Whether the attention be to fracking, UVAC, 800,000 non-essential federal employees out of work, truckers, or families in need throughout our community and elsewhere. Keep it up, continue to do things. I like action.

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