I Hear My Train A Comin’ ...
Published: September 20th, 2013
By: Brian Golden

I hear my train a comin’ ...

Not that it was much of a secret, but for those not “in the loop,” this will – in fact – be my next-to-last column as a writer and managing editor here at The Evening Sun.

That’s right ... I’m moving on, hitting the road, cruising north and not looking back. In other words I’m calling it a day (some might say calling it quits); a decision I did not reach lightly, although one that I’ve been considering for months, now. And while it’s been both a privilege and an honor these past four years, both as a reporter and editor for Chenango County’s Hometown Daily ... well, it’s time.

Needless to say, our local paper will still hit the stands, Monday through Friday, even without yours truly. Let’s be honest, if we could survive the departure of long-time editor, Mr. Jeff Genung, we can survive just about anything. Jeff, my boss, mentor and friend, spent 22 years in the newsroom, a number that’s as intimidating as it is impressive. And while I certainly never expected to take the reins as managing editor once Jeff had moved on, it has – again – been an honor. A big thanks goes out to our publisher, Dick Snyder, and to Jeff, for believing I had the necessary abilities to take on this task. It hasn’t always been fun, yet it’s always been challenging. An even bigger thanks to Shawn, Ashley, Pat, Kevin, Brad, Jill and the rest of the crew next door for their support, hard work and willingness to put up with my occasional outbursts, I couldn’t have pulled it off without all of you.

That said, longtime Sports Editor Pat Newell will be stepping in over the next two to three weeks as our newest managing editor, at least on an interim basis to begin, while reporter Ashley Biviano has accepted a role as our latest assistant editor (also on an interim basis to start). Both have the drive and talent to see this paper continue to thrive and I’m glad both were willing to step up. The newsroom looks to be a tad understaffed in the coming weeks, but hopefully some brave souls out there will have the courage to submit that application and – God willing – hit the ground running.

As for me, as stated, I’m heading north. My closest friends and bandmates have been pestering me for years to join them in the ‘Cuse, and – musically speaking – I’m excited to spend some more time behind the guitar, a little less behind the keyboard. My reasoning (although I certainly need not explain myself) is simple enough. Minus several close friends here in Norwich, not to mention my mom and stepdad, most of those I hold most dear are waiting for me (and have been waiting) to make this move. And quite honestly, I have this not-so-unreasonable fear that ... well, let’s just say I don’t want to be 56 years old and wondering why I never “gave it a shot.” I’m ready for a change, although there are certain people, places and things I will without a doubt miss.

Not to worry, though, those who truly care will know where to find me.

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Obviously there’s more to be said, or at least I think so, yet I’ll save that for next Friday and my “going away” column. Until then, please continue to support this publication and its many contributors; they work (and I’ve worked) extremely hard to keep this paper alive and relevant. I’m proud to say I spent the last four years writing for The Evening Sun, it was an experience unlike any other. It was, again, an honor.

But I will not miss ‘30 Seconds,’ more on that next week.

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