DVD Patrol
Published: September 13th, 2013
By: Todd Campbell

The game is afoot, Patrollers (I always liked that saying)! The DVD Patrol is on the highways and starways so to speak. I was able to visit my friends down at Colorscape over the weekend and it seemed fun. Getting ready for a wild month with a lot of movies coming out. Time to take a look.

New on DVD

Star Trek Into Darkness - Sometimes it takes awhile for heroes to prove themselves, even those like James T. Kirk (Chris Pine). On a mission to a far off world, Kirk, Mr. Spock (Zachary Quinto) and the crew of the Enterprise were supposed to just observe an alien race and then a volcano went off that might have brought destruction to that world. Kirk made a decision that had to reveal him and the Enterprise and that violated the Prime Directive that stipulates no interference in worlds still developing. Also, by doing this, Kirk had to save Spock, but Spock still feels Kirk broke the rules. Now, Starfleet command has demoted Kirk and brought Captain Pike back. Suddenly, Starfleet headquarters comes under attack from a mysterious terrorist (Benedict Cumberbatch) who has reasons for attacking them. Kirk is there during the attack and demands that he be given back his command to bring him to justice. Can Kirk and his crew stop him before it's too late? J.J. Abrams already has a third Star Trek adventure in the works for the crew. Stay tuned!

Redemption - Heroes always find some way to help even if they are the ones in trouble. Joey (Jason Statham) just wanted to do what was right until it got him in trouble. Being in the Army, it got him in trouble. Now on the run, he steps into someone else's identity to hide out. In the process, he becomes aware of a nun in trouble. He remembers her and that she once helped him out. Now Joey wants to return the favor but first he has to find her. Can he find her and figure out what to do? Statham is currently finishing up "The Expendables 3" with Sylvester Stallone and then goes to work with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker on "Fast and Furious 7," due out next summer.

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Also on DVD

The Vampire Dairies - (Season 4) - One of the Toddster's favorite shows. Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) met in high school and fell in love. Things start to get weird and Elena discovers that Stefan is a vampire. She's not scared and they brave all kinds of danger that comes to town. Things have changed over the last few years. At the beginning of Season 4, Elena has just become a vampire and now Stefan and his brother Damon (Ian Sommerhalder) have to help her to adjust. They become aware of a cure but to get it, they have to fend off a band of vampires and a sinister figure named Silas who preys on human and vampire alike. What will happen next? Season 1-3 are available in stores now with Season 5 beginning on the CW network on Thursday, October 3 at 9 p.m.

Now in Theaters

Riddick - There are those who don't believe they're heroes even if they do the best they can. Riddick (Vin Diesel) had just become the Lord Marshall who ruled over the Necromongers who go from world to world enslaving everything in their path. Riddick finds out they may have answers to where he came from and goes in search of them. Then, Riddick is attacked and left for dead on an alien world. Riddick does what he does best - find a way to survive. He knows that there has always been a bounty on his head. On scouting the planet, he finds a mercenary outpost and trips and a beacon that brings a squad of them to his front door. Will they be able to take Riddick down or will he?

The Toddster's Take - If you liked Pitch Black, then this will be your movie. That was the one that put Vin Diesel on the map and Riddick has always had a loyal fan base (yours included). This one was a little slow to start but then picked up a bit with the bad guys turning around and needing Riddick to help them eventually. Diesel plays him with a natural swagger that shows you're not sure what he will do next and I always liked that. Check it out!

Got some new ones on the way with some changes coming. Still got some reviews coming up too. What will we do next? Keep reading. The Toddster comes back next time.