S-E Still Playing With A Chip On Its Shoulder
Published: September 13th, 2013
By: Patrick Newell

S-E still playing with a chip on its shoulder

Sherburne-Earlville has had its share of shutout wins since joining Section III over a decade ago. But 60-0? And on opening day?

With big victories comes big expectations, yet the Marauders retain the chip on their shoulders, said head coach Mike Jasper. Jasper said that Sherburne-Earlville, in his tenure as an assistant coach and now head coach, has not become a “football school” or a “football town.” Surely the Marauders’ faithful appreciate the game, and the mindset of the community’s collective may change with more wins like last week’s over Little Falls.

“We’re located kind of in the middle and not really near any big cities,” Jasper said. “This team has a little bit of an edge. You would have thought we got beat last week if you looked at our last two practices.”


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