Lack Of Attendance At Town Council Meeting Dissuades Public Comment
Published: September 12th, 2013
By: Ashley Babbitt

OXFORD – Wednesday evening’s Town of Oxford board meeting brought approximately seven residents to town hall, a number those at the meeting found surprisingly small as compared to recent meetings.

During the public comment portion of the agenda, three residents opted to speak their minds and address the board, yet the general consensus remained the same – each had something to share, but thought there would be more area residents at the meeting so decided to “save it,” they said.

Bryant La Tourette congratulated the board’s Republican incumbent Jon Hoffman on garnering enough votes in Tuesday’s primary to secure his spot on the general election ticket in November for board re-election. La Tourette said he knew Hoffman didn’t do much campaigning, but the voters showed their support by voting Tuesday.

“The lack of people here – the people that want to take your place – would want to be at a meeting, I’d think,” La Tourette said before letting the board know he had more to say, but opted to save it for a future meeting when more residents would be in attendance.

The tone was similar with the other two residents on hand to address the board. Hofmann was congratulated by the two others who chose to speak, as well.

“Congratulations, John. I had more to say but I thought there would be a bigger crowd,” said another resident.


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