Seasonal Oxford Residents To Represent USA In International Shuffleboard Competition
Published: September 11th, 2013
By: Ashley Babbitt

SAINT PETERSBURG, FLA – Bob and Linda Marshman have spent the past decade or so wintering in sunny Florida, where they have honed their skills in the popular game of shuffleboard. It was approximately five years ago when the couple started a shuffleboard club in Oxford, where they both reside for the warmer New York months.

The Marshmans have been able to climb the competitive ranks with their ability to play the sport both in the sunshine state and in Oxford when they are in the area. It has recently been announced the two will represent the United States in the International Shuffleboard Association’s (ISA) World Singles Shuffleboard Championship.

The competition is set to take place Oct. 20-25 in St. Petersburg, Fla. and includes more than a dozen participating nations. In addition to the US, individuals from Japan, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Norway, Canada, England, Ireland, Holland, South Korea and Egypt are all set and confirmed to compete. Players from both Russia and India are awaiting travel visas so they are able to enter the US to play.

This 32nd World Singles Championship has an unprecedented number of players, according to reports from the ISA. There are currently 80 men slated to play – and 72 women – and the format of play includes round robin and knockout rounds.


The Evening Sun

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