DVD Patrol
Published: September 6th, 2013
By: Todd Campbell

What's the Good Word, Patrollers?! The DVD Patrol is gearing up for the new TV season and what better way than to throw in a couple of shows plus our start of the Summer movies already coming to DVD. Check out our first pick with more to come in the following weeks. Let's see what we've got.

New on DVD

Now You See Me - Magic always has a knack for helping out those in need. Take the Four Horsemen. These guys get an offer they can't refuse. Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) always had to do whatever he could to get the bad guys but he's about to meet his match. Danny Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg), Henley Reeves (Isla Fisher), Merritt Mckinney(Woody Harrelson), and Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) all have their specialties with everything from escape to mentalism. There brought together by a mysterious benefactor who thinks with the right touch they can be the best thing in the World. The shows they perform astound the public but give the authorities headaches because what they're doing is breaking the law. Rhodes thinks he can catch them but he'll need from a pretty Interpol agent. Can they find out how they do it before they make their last escape? My sources tell me that a sequel is already in the works in this one. Stay Tuned!

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Elementary - A hero with a new spin never gets old. Joan Watson (Lucy Liu) was one of the best surgeons in New York until she lost a patient and she began to doubt her skills. She decides on a change of occupation and becomes what's called a "Sober Companion." This is where a person will leave with someone coming out Rehab who has some type of trouble with addiction. Her new assignment is about to challenge like never before. She meets her latest client Sherlock Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller). The NYPD ask for Sherlock's help investigating a home invasion gone bad and someone was murdered. Can Joan help Sherlock get things under control and solve the case? Elementary returns to CBS on its' usual night Thursdays with Season 2 beginning September 26 at 10 p.m.

Also on DVD

Person of Interest - (Season 2)- The machine is back in action and John Reese needs its' help to find his boss. Harold Finch (Micheal Emerson) recruited John Reese (Jim Caviezel) to help those in need or stop those getting ready to start trouble. At the beginning of Season 2, Finch is kidnapped by a mysterious terrorist named Root (Amy Acker) who will stop at nothing to learn the secrets of the Machine and the man who invented it. Reese may be out of his league without his boss to back him up. Can he find some backup and his bodd before it's too late? Season 3 begins on CBS on a new night with all new enemies and allies beginning Tuesday September 24 at 10 p.m.

Now In Theater

Percy Jackson: Sea Of Monsters - After heroes save the World, even they can doubt themselves. Percy (Logan Lerman) was able to stop the lightning thief and save Mount Olympus. Now he about to be tested like never before. With the aid of his friends and his new step brother Tyson (Douglas Smith), the team has to go on a journey to find the Golden Fleece which is said to be able to heal any wound. It seems the Barrier that surrounds their camp is protected by an ancient tree and it'e been poisoned. Percy's old enemy Luke (Jake Abel) is responsible and now Percy must face him again to find what he needs to save everyone. Can Percy and his friends succeed in time?

The Toddster's Take - One more time a sequel comes along that surprises you. The cast from the first movie was terrific and they pull it off again with some new additions like Tyson. If your kids like Harry Potter and that popular book series, this one will definitely be worth it. A really great movie. You'll like it.

All set for this week, Patrollers. Before we go, the team has been busy all Summer and I plan to be with them this Saturday at Colorscape on Saturday. The Toddster will be down there sometime in the afternoon (Time to be determined). I also like to remind you to visit the Colonia Theater. They have had some great movies and more on the way with Special events coming soon. The Toddster will catch on the flip side.