Two Sentenced In County Court
Published: August 27th, 2013
By: Kevin Doonan

NORWICH – A Syracuse man who admitted to possessing narcotics in Chenango County with the intention of selling them was sentenced Monday in county court, while another man convicted of grand larceny and forgery was sentenced to probation. In addition, two warrants were issued for no shows.

• Marvelous C. Williams, 26, of Syracuse, was sentenced to a two year determinate sentence in state prison and a court order was issued stating he be allowed to participate in the New York State Department of Correction’s Shock program while incarcerated – a military type program for drug addicts. On April 30, Williams pleaded guilty to third degree criminal possession of a controlled substance, a class B felony.

When Williams pleaded guilty in April, it was necessary for him to state and record certain clarifications due to the unusual circumstances of his arrest. Chenango County Judge Frank B. Revoir Jr. requested that Williams acknowledge for the record that he had indeed possessed narcotics at the time of his arrest, despite the drugs not being found on his person. Instead, a number the individually wrapped packets were discovered by sheriff’s deputies within an unmarked police cruiser in which Williams had been transported. It is believed that while Williams was being transported in the vehicle he had extracted the drugs from a hidden location on his person and concealed them within cushions of the police vehicle.


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